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How To Buy

Its not difficult to buy a product from classymalls.com. Just you need follow some easy step to a product.

  1. It not necessary to create an account for buying a product from classymalls.com. But you will get an account once you buy any product from classymalls.com.

  2. An account will create  automatically once you have purchase any product from classymalls.com. Your account information like username and password will send you in your thank you page.

  3. You should keep this password for login your account. With the account you can check your every purchase that you purchased from us.

  4. Just visit cllasymalls.com then

  5. Visit the product category page that you are looking for

  6. Click on your desire product.

  7. Now you will get a new page with the product details. Select the quantity field and the size (If applicable)

  8. Now click on "Add to Cart". If you want to continue shopping click “Continue Shopping” and if not then click “view Shopping Cart”.

  9. Once clicking “view Shopping Cart” you will get a new page with invoice details. Here also you will see an option “GET DISCOUNT”. If you have any discount coupon you can use here if not the leave the option.

  10. Then click “Proceed to Checkout”

  11. Now you will get a new page where you will see “Billing Address form” (left side of the page), “Order Details” (right side of the page) and “Payment Method” (Bottom of the right site)

  12. Now fill the Billing address details then select the payment method according to your convenience.(Cash On Delivery,bKash, Bank Account Payment)

  13. Finally click on “Place Order”

  14. Once you click on “Place Order” you will receive thank you page where you get your invoice ID number(like-inv#d732) also username (phone number) and password. You can login your account with this username and password in future.

  15. In your account you can able to see you order details (first to last)